Feldman's Photography


"Woman of Color"

by Melanie Feldman

"The Painter of Women"

Woman of Color

As you can see this painting was fun to create.

It represents all the beautiful women I have met through my travels.

How rich my life is to experience different races, cultures and religions.

However, the specific catalyst for this work was a lady I met in Tel Aviv.

She was the wife of a cobbler who designed his shoes with the most vibrant colors.

She too was dressed outrageously and adorned with colorful bangles and beads.

Have you ever met anyone that exuded such confidence and boldness?

Welcome to my world! My name is Melanie!

MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
DIMENSIONS OF ORIGINAL PAINTING: 30"X40" with 6" Gold Museum Quality Frame 41"x50"

8"x10"Gyclee's Mounted in 11"x14" Double Mat Boards - $35

11"x14"Gyclee's Mounted in 16"x20" Double Mat Boards - $95

Call 813-685-4343 to Invest in my Original Paintings or my decorator Gyclees

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