Feldman's Photography



by Melanie Feldman

"The Painter of Women"


This is the first piece I created with the intent of developing a style recognizable as a “Melanie.”

It expresses a feeling of an epiphany.

It is the letting go of old habits and exploring new ideas.

I began by combining memories of past world travels and meeting multi-cultural women along the way.

I also tried to incorporate the stained glass windows of my traditional Catholic-Judeo upbringing and the windows found in various houses of religious worship.

Do you think this painting can assist other women to interpret their own spirituality?

Welcome to my world! My name is Melanie!

MEDIUM: Watercolor on Paper
DIMENSIONS OF ORIGINAL PAINTING: 24"X30" Framed, Matted with Glass 33"x40"

8"x10"Gyclee's Mounted in 11"x14" Double Mat Boards - $35

11"x14"Gyclee's Mounted in 16"x20" Double Mat Boards - $95

Call 813-685-4343 to Invest in my Original Paintings or my decorator Gyclees

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