Feldman's Photography


"Lost In The 60s"

by Melanie Feldman

"The Painter of Women"

Don't Look Back!

This painting is a retrospective of the 1960s and the “Age of Aquarius.”

The music from “Hair” kept going through my mind as I painted.

Her headpiece and clothing symbolize the hope and naivety of the era.

At that time we really believed that we could change the world with peaceful protest, demonstrations and love.

How I long to be lost in the 60s. What era do you long for?

Welcome to my world! My name is Melanie!

MEDIUM: Gouche & Acrylic on 300lb Paper
DIMENSIONS OF ORIGINAL PAINTING: 20"x24" Gold Frame with Glass 26"x29"

8"x10"Gyclee's Mounted in 11"x14" Double Mat Boards - $35

11"x14"Gyclee's Mounted in 16"x20" Double Mat Boards - $95

Call 813-685-4343 to Invest in my Original Paintings or my decorator Gyclees

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