Feldman's Photography


"A Different Point of View"

by Melanie Feldman

"The Painter of Women"

A Different Point of View

The people I most admire and aspire to be like have one commonality that made them extraordinary.

They were open minded and diverse in their beliefs.

There are so many individuals with different cultural backgrounds. Why do many believe that there is only one true path? Therefore I painted a “Different Point of View.”

Often we need to twist and turn to see the beauty that is otherwise missed in others that are not like us.

So let us twist and turn so we can discover the beautiful gifts that are before our very eyes. It is there, if we search, in the most unlikely places. Perhaps we can find a hidden treasure!

Welcome to my world! My name is Melanie!

MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
DIMENSIONS OF ORIGINAL PAINTING: 20"X24" Black Frame w/ Gold Fillet to 32"28"

8"x10"Gyclee's Mounted in 11"x14" Double Mat Boards - $35

11"x14"Gyclee's Mounted in 16"x20" Double Mat Boards - $95

Call 813-685-4343 to Invest in my Original Paintings or my decorator Gyclees

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