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If you have old 8mm movies, super 8 movie film, or 16mm home movies stored in your closet now is the time to transfer these movies to DVD. .

Our Tampa Florida - Hillsborough County photography studio located in Tampa Florida just 9 miles north of downtown and within a short drive from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Lakeland Florida. We convert and transfer the 8 mm and 16 mm movie formats shown below to DVD. We also regularly serve clients from St. Petersburg, Clearwater and surrounding areas in Pinellas County and many cities and towns in Pasco County and Hardee County by converting old movie film types to DVD.

      1. 8 mm home movies to DVD
      2. Super home 8 mm movies to DVD
      3. Super 8 home movies with sound to DVD
      4. 16 mm home movies to DVD

Those old eight and sixteen millimeter movies become brittle and inflexible due to old age and should not be put in a typical movie projector. To do so would cause the film to either break or to get caught in the movie projector cogs and fold like an accordion. Most film labs project the old movies onto a rear projection screen and use a digital camera to record the projected image. This process creates hot spots, flickers and vignetting on the finished product. We take the extra time to first clean the film (by hand if necessary), then we digitize each frame (each second of a movie has 30 frames) using a very expensive Telecine digital film recorder which uses LED bulbs to evenly illuminate each frame from corner to corner. The digital duplication process uses Sony Broadcast quality cameras allowing us to lighten, darken and often color correct faded 8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm film. The digital files are then converted to a DVD file format using patented "Memory3" Technology which is the highest quality available in the industry. The last thing we do is add copy free music to your old movies to give them more interest when viewing.

If you want to learn what size movie film you have or whether your super 8mm film has sound click here:

Many of our clients want to know if they can edit their own DVDs once they are made. The answer is two fold! Like a rented movie you can not edit a DVD once it is created. However, for many of our clients we digitize their old 8 mm and 16mm movies to a "movie format" on a computer hard drive. With this process our clients can add titles, delete bad footage and add movie-like transitions to their home movies. Once completed these movies can be easily converted to the "DVD format" to be enjoyed on a TV or PC.

If you are in the Tampa - St. Petersburg - Clearwater area call for an appointment and bring in your video tapes or movies for us to convert. We are located in Tampa Florida just 9 miles north of downtown and within a short drive from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Lakeland Florida. If you live outside of the Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk county area please call our studio prior to shipping you video and movie treasures to us.

If you would like the best quality DVDs for your old home movies call our Tampa studio at 813-685-4343 M-F from 10-7. We also convert photos and slides to DVD.

We promise will convert your movies the proper way!

Yes, we also transfer video tape to DVD.

Click here to read more about VHS, VHS-C, Beta and 8mm Video tape conversions to DVD.

A photograph of old 8mm movies that were converted to a DVD & a group of video tapes converted to DVD

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