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Video Tape Formats

Feldman's Photography in Tampa Florida has been transferring video tapes to DVD for many years. Unlike most video conversion companies we do not use high speed transfer machines which lose approximately 25% of the originals quality. We transfer video tapes in real time to capture almost 100% of the quality of your home movies. A typical two hour VHS video transfer will take over three hours to create one DVD. We suggest if you live in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or Tampa Florida area that you allow us to covert your movies to DVDs the proper way.

Videotapes are a means of recording images and sound on to magnetic tape as opposed to movie film. Videotapes are used in both video tape recorders (VTRs) or, more commonly, video cassette recorders (VCRs) and video cameras. The older video tapes were recorded in a linear or analog method of storing information as compared to the digital format of today's cameras. The older video tapes should be converted as soon as possible to DVDs due to their short life span. The VHS, VHS-C, BETA and U-Matic video tapes are very susceptible to stretching, tearing, sticking together and deteriorating its overall video quality.

Below are photos of the most common type of video tapes from top left to bottom right.

      • VHS * Video Home System
      • VHS-C * VHS-Compact
      • MiniDV * Mini Digital Video
      • MicroMV * Micro Video
      • HDV * High Definition Video
      • 8mm * High 8 Video
      • Beta Max Video
      • U-Matic Video

vhs video tape vhs-c video tape

mini video tapemicro video tape

high definition video tapehigh 8 video tape

beta max video tapeumatic video


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